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If your family has researched anything about Colorado, you likely know the breathtaking features of Rocky Mountain National Park. The natural beauty here makes this place one of the more magical locations we get to brag about!

My friend, Claire, remained in touch after she moved to Chicago a while back. She’s been raising her family there over the years with her husband, Tim. Giving their kiddos, Victoria and Jake, a taste of the wild has been an important tradition. Colorado has always held a special place in their hearts to live that tradition out. Claire’s called multiple times to update their family photos and I was so excited when I got this particular call. They were coming back and wanted to be photographed in Rocky Mountain National Park with a sweet surprise.

With younger kids, it’s always best to have some activities planned and to buffer in some down time to explore and rest and play. It’s tiring business for a kiddo to be in front of the lens and to be expected to be “on” the whole time, so giving this buffer is a must for littles! We never once wanted for something to do, and the views wowed us around every corner. The whole family had fun in the rivers and meadows, and were able to capture a really special announcement.

Claire researched for weeks to find a biodegradable and non-toxic confetti popper to set off. They needed it for the family’s big surprise that they were about to become a party of 5! They’ve since welcomed their newest, Katherine into the world, and I’m itching to get the call for updated photos soon! Scroll to the end to see the kids all celebrate and run around an amazing sunset.

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