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We'll be taking on new design clients starting January 2022 with a team of kickass women who want nothing more than to see motivated entrepreneurs absolutely thriving in business.

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There are a few things on the to-do list before we get working on all the details for your new brand and business. Check out if you're ready to take it to the next level with this free digital download.

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granting access of intimate moments to a total stranger. We'll find out the best setting to tell your story, all of the details that cater the shoot to what makes you tick, and I'll take notes on how to make your shoot more enjoyable and comfortable - special requests for bringing music, beer, cookies, or drawing a mustache on my face are all welcomed ideas to create the right vibe for you.

Let's face it, the majority of us have a deer-in-the-headlights look when prompted to act natural in front of a camera... including myself. Being given the environment, prompts, and tools to enjoy the moment (rather than worry about what to do with your hands) should be the primary focus of your time in front of the lens. Let's have a meet + greet beforehand so you don't feel like you're

documentary-style shoots that tell your 

For the photo fans...




"Elise had us at the word "discovery"...we loved her work philosophy of taking time to get to know us, hearing our vision, and seeing if we would work well together. truly an amazing work style that we both appreciate as experienced design professionals."


“Elise did such an incredible job with my boudoir session. She made me feel confident, comfortable, and powerful! She put so much care into her work, and the details she thought of were unbelievable.”


"she turned the unpolished nuggets of truth i excavated at her request into colorful gems that allowed my essence to shine through in the final product. in the end, the most unexpected and very moving things happened working with Boheme Fox. You don't just see the results of Elise's work and artistry. you feel it."


“We love what she brought to the table for engagement photos so much that we brought her back for our wedding. Elise brought the kind of enthusiasm and attention to detail we were hoping for to capture our special day and help us look back and remember all the fun and excitement that in the moment, you sometimes overlook.”

Kind Words

The late night creator making as many lovely things as possible to help make your life meaningful af, aesthetic af, and successful af. I hope that you'll not only love the visual presentation of any creative work of mine, but that it creates a deeper connection with your vision and purpose.

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