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While on the call booking this in home newborn session, I asked my new mama, Adrian, where the name Cairo came from. I wanted to know if there was a special reason for his unique name. “It’s where Sherif was born.”

I love the way our stories and legacies carry and trickle from one generation to the next. With Moises and I trying for our own family, I’m reflecting on what’s important to pass to the next generation. Talking to my nana recently about all of the information we’ve lost has sparked this even more so. How to just do basic things like read a map or a compass. Did you know don’t even teach cursive in school anymore? Basic self sufficiency tasks are now niche hobbies or full blown specialty jobs rather than common knowledge. How many people can grow their own food or change their own oil?

Even with the the entirety of humanity’s collection of knowledge at our fingertips, I still feel like so much has been left out of our own family stories. We’ve traded convenience for knowledge, and now I know so many people my age feel detached from what we take for granted every day. This is why it’s quickly turned into a goal of mine to start yet another pet project to keep track of those old wisdoms! My family has their own and so does yours, if you know who to ask and where to look. If you have a list of things you want to learn how to do or if you have some knowledge to drop of your own, do so in the comments!

In home newborn sessions have started becoming a favorite of mine. If you love Cairo’s photos and want to see more sessions like this, go to

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