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It’s a special compliment when your best friend since high school brings you out to North Carolina so we can photograph a farmhouse boudoir session. It’s even better when the photos turn out this good!

Let me paint a picture of Amanda for you really quick because this girl is who I want to be when I grow up. She’s always been unconventional and fiercely herself. Her music playlists range from movie scores and soundtracks to country and classical. She owns a thriving therapy practice and generates inspiration and mental wellness in the world through her podcast and coaching projects. Her Cuban and midwestern roots mixed together in Florida and boiled down to make one of the coolest little firecrackers with a heart of gold. I’m very lucky to call her my friend.

Without ever having been to North Carolina nor ever having lived on a farm, she decided she wanted to live on one after college. That’s exactly what she made happen and she’s living her best life. It’s inspiring to watch her and her family’s lives flourish in deciding to be happy.

North Carolina is an absolutely beautiful state so after shooting inside her adorable farmhouse, we took the boudoir session outside. This was a bit tricky since she had some of her therapist girls working around the property for a while longer. But sprawled out on 50 acres of land, we figured we’d be safe and out of sight. We discretely went to the other side of a barn and got her flower top in position. Suddenly, Amanda yells “oh sh!t” and starts running barefoot to a blocked wall and we realize we weren’t the only ones thinking this part of the farm was ideal. Amanda and I started laughing so hard, we thought we’d be caught for sure, but thankfully they walked by, none the wiser!

I’m forever grateful for this lovely little weirdo being in my life, and hope you enjoy the photos.

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