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I met Rica Donna in college and was thrilled when she reached out to do her maternity session a few years ago. The whole family has such a sweet bond and I’ve been lucky to be able to photograph them multiple times over the last couple of years. When we spoke this time she wanted to do an in home holiday family session but had a request. She wasn’t wanting to shoot at their home because it wasn’t quite photo ready. This is honestly a pretty common concern for when offered an in home shoot. But have no fear, I have a whole repertoire of options that will have you jumping for joy like our family here jumping on the bed!

We found a rental space through Home Studio List that was full of cozy corners and bold statement walls. We packed up some props and materials to make hot chocolates and made an activity of it. I use this tactic a lot in sessions – incorporate an activity to focus on connecting with one another rather than feeling fully aware of the camera. This gives a more candid opportunity to capture genuine moments and emotions for my clients. It’s also a huge cheat code to get kids to play and be themselves.

We used a few wardrobe changes in the home to create the holiday feel as well as images they can display year round from their family session. This is a pro tip so you don’t have to have holiday sweater images hanging in July if that’s not your thing. If you’re needing help with what to wear for a session, I’ve got your back! I have a full What To Wear Guide that I send to clients after they book!

If you’d like to book a space through Home Studio List, be sure to use the code ELISEF4028 at checkout!

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