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An empowerment session is for women who would like to feel at home in their own skin for any reason. While there’s no occasion needed to book one, there are some popular instances that inspire a booking. Soon-to-be mamas wanting some solo maternity photos is a really beautiful reason. This session is also great to document a time worth celebrating a win, commemorating starting over, or any time needed to take back power in life. These can also be booked for soft boudoir sessions. Adriana wanted something in between for her empowerment session at Castlewood Canyon to celebrate her birthday. Tasteful, strong, and femininely powerful.

Adriana has been modeling for over a decade and is a recurring subject in front of my lens since the beginning of our friendship. She makes the images look beautiful even when my photo skills were brand new. Most of her photoshoots encapsulate the whole point behind the meaning of an empowerment session, so when she was in town and asked to do a sunrise photoshoot at Castlewood Canyon, I set my alarm to make some magic. Her younger sister, Delaney, is just as beautiful inside and out and was able to jump into some photos as well.

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