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*Ring Ring* Yes hello? The Red Scooter Bakery branding photos called and they’re absolutely slaying! Alright, I may be a little biased here, but how fun are all of these images I got with Steph to promote and show off her delicious baked goodies? She’s the owner of Denver’s hottest (secretly vegan) bakery and I can confirm that even from a non-vegan’s point of view that her creations are de-ca-dent!

I’ve been friends with Steph for several years and when she came to me for help with her branding for her sassy bakery, I was elated. I knew we’d have to make the images be chalk-full of personality to even come close to really showing the full scope of how cool she is. We rented a space that had loads of character and brought a ton of props. Everything from disco balls, to baking tins, to champagne, and even Steph’s beloved Kitchen Aid mixer. Her mom and several other friends came as backup to help get sets ready, hold skrims, and be a general hype team – although she really didn’t need the extra help.

At the end, we brought in the namesake of Red Scooter Bakery for the branding photos… the actual red scooter! Steph wanted vibrant colors, a funky retro vibe, and for her photos to be nothing but fun and resonating with her sense of humor and charm. We had a lot of ideas to knock out and Steph was the real MVP by bringing so many delicious premade goods to use as props – which we promptly all ate after the shoot.

You can soon check out her full branding suite on a future blog post to see how we integrated her branding photos seamlessly with her designs.

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