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There’s always been something magical about the work Rashelle and I do together, and these photos are no different! From her illustrating the logo and custom rabbits for La Doña Mezcaleria’s branding project, to me adding some digital elements to her illustrated greeting cards, or just getting to pose for a few of her bigger portraits, we’ve had lots of experience gelling our work together. So when the Rashelle Stetman told me she needed new brand photos for her art + tattoo business, I jumped on a plane and headed down to Texas.

When I first met the then (and sometimes now) pink-haired artist, we were both pretty new in our art game, but Rashelle took the plunge of making a living out of it a few years prior. We instantly clicked and became really fast friends – connecting over the struggles of being an artist in feast or famine mode, trying to learn how to appease the Instagram algorithm gods, and creating art we were really proud of while being paid what we were worth.

Not only is Rashelle a total baddie, but she’s an even bigger boss – with ambition and grit like I’ve never seen. Her motivation to not let trying something new and failing deter her is so impressive. And even more so, when she turns that failure into a huge win. I can’t wait to see the amazing things she’s been working so hard for to come to fruition and blow us all away.

You can check her out on Instagram at Rashelle Stetman to see how she uses her updated brand photos on her grid and as reel covers. And don’t forget to follow her for all of her latest and greatest art + tattoo work!

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