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A scene to expect to see on a shoot with Boheme Fox is showing clients photos off the back of the camera

The essential goal to establish from the start is to form a connection. This connection can look different for each client and that’s what makes it so important for your shoot. Your meet + greet before the session is where all of the goals and info are collected in order to create an experience and photoshoot that looks and feels like you! Let’s look a bit more at what to expect: booking a shoot with Boheme Fox.

Here are a few questions you can anticipate during your meet + greet:

  • What are your goals for the photoshoot?
    • To have a good time, to showcase an important milestone, love, or the landscape you’re in, to look professional, etc.
  • Have you thought about location, setting, time of day, or activities you’d like to include?
  • Have you ever had professional photos taken before?
  • (For couples) Are you two really physical and comfortable with kissing, snuggling on camera or are you more reserved in your photo PDA?
  • Are there any injuries I should be aware of before prompting certain poses?
  • (For vows) Family dynamics that I should be aware of?
  • Any special requests to bring to the shoot?
    • Coffee, alcohol, big blankets, picnic snacks, music, sparklers, smoke bombs, etc.
What to expect I look like during a shoot

We all decide we’re new best friends and now it’s time to make moves!

After the meet + greet:

  • A proposal including your details, invoice, and contract will be emailed to you. This is all necessary to fill out and return to secure your shoot date.
  • (For vows) A timeline will be established and sent as soon as all of the necessary details are collected.
  • Confirmation texts/emails for your shoot.
A scene to expect to see on a shoot with Boheme Fox is showing clients photos off the back of the camera

Let’s face it, most of us get that not-so-photogenic-deer-in-the-headlights look when coldly instructed to “act natural” when the camera comes out and we suddenly become overly aware of our hands and wondering what to do with them. Don’t stress! By providing the perfect environment for telling your story and a few prompts and tricks of the trade along the way, I make it easy to be yourself and forget about the camera. Enjoying the moment should be the primary focus of your time in front of the lens.

What to expect during your session:

  • Before the session begins, we’ll take some time to make sure outfits and nerves are in their place (need some liquid courage? I got you.)
  • I’m always playing music, so shoots are rarely an exception (except for Vows sessions, of course). Put on some tunes you feel set the vibe, or we can choose from several of my playlists.
  • I’ll absolutely give you some direction and prompts so you don’t feel like you don’t know what to do with your hands – Ricky Bobby style – but I’m not going to interrupt the flow and fun of an awesome interaction to make sure every hair is in place for every shot.
  • I often use prompts with lots of movement and funny requests that will make you laugh. I also use prompts that will slow and quiet you and foster more focused connection for couples.
  • Scrolling through some photos for you, especially towards the beginning of the shoot helps give me great feedback. Big “WOW’S” are usually what I hear, but it’s also an opportunity for me to catch things like “Oh, my tattoo I’m lasering off is showing.” I’ll take note and make adjustments in the session accordingly.
  • I may stop and pull out my phone for cute BTS shots, Instagram stories, or boomerangs
  • If there’s anything during the shoot that comes to mind that you’d like to try, by all means, please tell me.
What to expect I look like during a shoot

What to expect after your session:

  • Expect a few sneak peeks within a day or so!
  • An email with the link/login directions for your private online gallery will come within the delivery window associated with your shoot type.
  • Ability to favorite, share, and download your beautiful images will all be available within your gallery.
  • Please don’t let your memories die on a hard drive! To make it easy for you to keep your memories tangible and together, I have amazing, high-quality prints + albums for sale directly in your gallery.
  • I inevitably end up absolutely adoring all of my clients. Don’t be surprised if I end up wanting to hang out after our session again!

That’s it! I hope this helps give some insight on what to expect: booking a shoot with Boheme Fox. Keep being amazing, keep up the good work, and I hope to see you on the other side of the lens soon.


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