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Rainy days kept pushing this engagement photoshoot at Red Rocks back for Tyler and Christie. We rescheduled the session more than once and on the last try, the forecast predicted partially cloudy conditions so we made a break for it. On the way up to the photoshoot, I could tell the rainy weather was coming in for a surprise visit, but we had already pulled up to the Red Rocks parking lot. As we trekked up the steps, the clouds looked even more pregnant, but we decided to try a few locations with a couple of outfits anyway. After successfully hitting at least two locations, we popped some champagne and walked over to an open field. We almost immediately got caught in the start of the storm, so we sought shelter in my car and drove around to the back of the park to wait it out.

I’m a proponent for leaning into the moment so we finally said f%ck it and decided to storm ahead into the elements to make for some truly magical photos. As soon as we got into the rain, Tyler and Christie ran around like little kids and affectionately played and held onto one another. I half-jokingly asked Tyler to take Christie down and roll around on the ground as if rolling down a hill and the photos turned out as some of my favorites. He later said “the photoshoot was like a cross between The Notebook and WWE Smackdown” which will forever have me cracking up. It’s one of my favorite reviews from an engagement photoshoot, especially from the guy’s perspective. Moral of the story, don’t let a little rain ruin your parade.

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