How long have you been a photographer? How about designing?

I've been photographing professionally for 11 years and designing for over 3.


I'm proudly based in Colorado but I'm always willing to travel to new beautiful places for a shoot! Design is much easier to do remotely, so I'm happy and able to work with you via emails, texts and video chats to get the job done.

Where are you based out of? Do you travel or work with out of state clients for photo or design?


I believe making sure we're a good fit for each other is key to creating something you connect with whole-heartedly. So for bigger shoots/projects like elopements, weddings, and branding needs, let's grab a coffee or a beer and dive into your wishlist! 

I'm available to do our meet and greet via video chat if that's more conducive to your schedule or location constraints. BYO coffee or beer though.

Do we have to do an initial meet up? What if I live out of town?


Stretching myself too thin isn't productive for me or you. The variety of what I offer is quite vast which means some months I may be working on multiple, smaller projects and other months I may only take on one large project. Please reach out to check my availability. I work on a first come, first serve basis with a signed contract and deposit to hold your place.

How many weddings or design projects do you take on at a time?


Each shoot requires a different level of involvement in the planning of the location, attire, schedule, direction, and any other details. I'm ready to be as hands on as you need to make sure you get the most out of your shoot and absolutely love not only your photos, but your experience as well.

How involved are you in the planning process for shoots?


Most shoots I work alone. There are times I may pull my husband or an assistant in to help with lighting, but we can discuss that during our initial meet up.

For shoots like weddings and elopements, I have the option of adding a second shooter and/or videographer for an additional cost if that's something you're interested in utilizing.

Do you work alone or will there be a second shooter or videographer?


How many images do we get to keep?

I'm not a believer in holding your images hostage for more money. I cull through all of my shoots to delete the duplicates, blinks, and any awkward transitions I catch since I'm a little trigger happy, but you get to keep the rest.

The final amount varies per shoot, but as a good rule of thumb, for every hour I'm shooting, I typically produce about 50 images. This number is neither a guarantee nor limit of the final amount you'll receive. 


Since each photo gets special attention and love, elopements and weddings are typically 4 weeks and other shoots are typically 2 weeks for the delivery of the digital gallery.

What's your turnaround time for the finished digital images?


Editing is half the magic I'm committed to create for you, and without this step, your photos are only half done.

As Ron Swanson would say, 
"Never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing."

Do you ever give the RAW images?


Our imperfections make us perfectly human. However, I'm happy to take out anything that isn't normally there (scrapes, acne, bruises, etc). If there's something you're particularly self-conscious of, I'll be sure to be extra aware of how I'm posing you. Just let me know before the shoot and I'll work with you so you not only look good, but feel good!

Can you photoshop our images?


Each project gets special attention in its own way. For bigger projects like business and wedding branding, I have a very thorough discovery process. This is where we go over allllll the little details, needs and wants, plan of action, and do a deep dive of your overall goal. I keep in close contact with you over any revisions or big decisions and I'll refine the final collateral, then refine it some more, then when I'm done, I'll refine it again to make it perfect for you.

What's your design process like?


Digital portraits are a week.

Digital branding projects are typically 2-3 months depending on the amount of collateral needed and the pace of communication from the client.

Custom pieces vary based upon the project. Feel free to reach out with any specific ideas in mind that I can better quote a time frame on for you.

Keep in mind that any physical aspects of your design needed, will add to the initial turnaround timeframe for that final physical product (ie. signage, prints, labels, packaging, stickers, etc.) to be delivered.

Please note, turnaround time may be longer if I'm already booked. Contact me for my current availability.

What's your turn around time for design work?


Majority of the design work I currently do is digital. Digital portraits, branding, and custom designs mostly result in a digital file sent via email where you can download and use/print as needed.

I do offer printed and tangible collateral if needed (like for weddings, packaging, etc) and am happy to help with this portion of your project. Let's go over your needs in detail and I'll help get you to your overall goal.

Please check the different design collections for a better idea of what's included to start.

What kind of deliverables do we get for design work?


Let's do it! 

Depending on your printing and production needs, I have several vendors to utilize. 

Let me know what it is you're after, and I'll help you get there so you don't have another box to check - I'll check it for you!

Keep in mind that ordering physical pieces with your photos or designs takes more time than digital deliveries and should be considered for any deadlines you may need to have met.

What if I need photos or design collateral printed?


Of course!! Art isn't a one-size-fits-all aspect to life. All of my collections are a jumping off point and can be catered to your budget and creative needs.

Just say hey and let's get started!

I'm not seeing a collection that works for my needs. Can you build a custom one for me?


How do your payment plans work?

I require a 30% retainer to hold your shoot/project in my schedule.

For photoshoots, the remaining 70% is due one week before the shoot and can be split up into monthly payments leading up to the shoot if booking far enough in advance.

For design projects, the remaining 70% is due by the delivery of the digital collateral and can also be split up into monthly payments leading up to that delivery.


If you need to reschedule your project or shoot, your deposit will hold your new time.

If you need to cancel your project or shoot, your deposit will not be refunded back to you.

The time, effort, and love that I put into each creative endeavor is a labor of love and a sacrifice of a lot of hours spent poured into your project. For this reason, I don't offer refunds, but I'll always do everything in my power to ensure you're happy with whatever I've committed to create for you.

What's your policy on rescheduling, cancellations, and refunds?


The sky would have to be falling for me to be unable to make it to your big day. Something out of my control like a flight ban, illness, death, etc. However, if I'm not able to make it, I'll do my best to find a replacement photographer with a similar style that I trust, even though I'm not legally required to do so. Your deposit would of course be refunded back to you.

What if you can't make it to our elopement/wedding to photograph?


Airline ticket, transportation, and lodging. That's it! I'll cover the rest, and I'm happy to crash with you or a relative or friend, and I'm cool to have someone give me rides to and from the airport to save you money on extra lodging and a rental car.

You can book my stay if you’d like, but I'm firm on booking my own flights and transportation. I make sure to get your confirmation on logistics and price before booking anything to ensure there aren't any surprise costs on your end. Once booked, the payment for them is due within one week of receiving your invoice. You can estimate costs by checking how much hotels/airbnbs typically run in the area we'll be staying, how much roundtrip flights are from DIA, and rental cars are about $50 per day or less when booked in advance.

For local travel, I charge $1 per mile, one way for any distance beyond 40 miles of my home base. So for a 200 mile round trip session, the first 20 miles of half the round trip miles are included, so I'd charge $80.

Make sure to check my travel wishlist. I offer a discounted rate to cross a spot off my bucket list and save you money!

How do you handle travel expenses?


When Moises and I eloped, we were told the day before that our location wasn't going to work because a big snowstorm was rolling through. We pivoted our plans and found a gorgeous last minute location and got the most incredible, snowy pictures for our big day. Seriously, they wouldn't have been as magical had it not snowed. 

"Bad" weather often makes for unique and beautiful photos, but if it's going to ruin our time during the shoot or runs the risk of damaging my equipment, I'm happy to reschedule and aim for a day with better conditions.

What if there's bad weather?


Occasionally I'll run specials for various things and advertise them on my page or in my Instagram stories. I'm always happy to tailor your packages to suit your budget, but I no longer offer other discounts.

Thank you for supporting my art and my dream!

Do you ever offer any discounts?