Deeply Rooted Dyes – Branding

Happy threads for happy people! This branding project will stick out as one of my favorites for a while.

Ashley reached out a few months ago about creating a visual brand identity for her tie dye company. She’d been on Etsy long enough to see the growth potential and wanted to create a brand that encompassed both her product and her ethos.

She told me she wanted a logo that would be able to be interchangeable down the road for when she starts practicing as a doula again – something I didn’t immediately find a visual connection between at first, but fear not! She also has an instagram account that references rainbows, so to pull inspiration from that would be a bonus as well. Below are my inspiration photos that I used to curate her logos.

I used the tie dye stain as a double visual reference to the roots within the Dyes logo, and did the same for the rainbow and a visual of a mother’s pregnant belly from her own perspective in the Doula logo. Both still are visually similar enough to showcase ownership by our one and only Ashley, but they both differ enough to stand on their own.

Tabling the doula business for the moment, we went full speed with the tie dye side to kick her Etsy account into high gear! Below is a showcase of her visual identity for Deeply Rooted Dyes.

Check out her shop and show her some love! Etsy Instagram

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