Cross My Heart Wedding – Alex + Jason

A backyard wedding that’s absolutely to die for right down to the smallest detail and the biggest love.

When 2020 couples started looking to move their big day to a year out, Alex and Jason gave that idea the (ring) finger and decided to do whatever it took to make it down the aisle to one another. The planning and detail that went into this day are beyond compare and I’m still blown away when I look back at the pictures and catch something new. The veil that doubled as a hooded train with “Til Death” in rhinestones on the end, the 20-sided die that Jason and his groomsmen wore as cuff links, and the thoughtful/chic black umbrellas for the guests since the day called for rain. It all tied together so well for the aesthetic and personality of these two.

The best part though was the massive amount of love and belly laughs that came from everyone that day. Hilarious gift bags were handed out, piƱatas were worn as hats, personalized handkerchiefs and cutting boards that were made for the day, a drop during the first dance, the bride and groom getting mooned, and inappropriate skeletons all made it a fantastically memorable day.

I’m so happy I got to take part and witness these two tying the knot, crossing their heart and heading towards forever. Cheers you two!!

Check out their matching engagement photos HERE

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